What Is A Mind Monkey?

Imagine a monkey… swinging from tree to tree…

Creative Commons License photo credit: lizzie1326

Cheeky little thing isn’t he?

If we follow this furry bag of mischief through the rainforest canopy, we won’t see him resting for long (if at all). Instead, away he goes, all day long, swinging from one branch to another, from this tree to the next…

Jacarandas again.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sam Hames

That monkey represents your mind.

Introducing…your Monkey Mind

The Monkey Mind is a Chinese metaphor for a mind that cannot be at rest, but instead jumps from one thought to the other – a mind that is engaged with the thoughts that pass through it, rather than being present in the moment.

Take right now as an example – even as you are reading this, there are ‘sub-thoughts’ that are occurring alongside the words your mind absorbs. Sub-thoughts like your interpretation of the concepts and ideas contained in the sentence, maybe it’s a silent whisper of judgement, a word of confirmation, maybe an idea about something completely unrelated, like what you’ll have for dinner. That’s the monkey in your mind, swinging from branch to branch, rarely still or able to focused solely on one thing.

“My mind is driving me crazy!…”

If you’ve ever felt like your mind is a pinball machine, with thoughts ricocheting uncontrollably against the sides of your consciousness…

If you ever feel like you can’t still your mind, even for a few moments…

If you ever feel like you struggle to get clarity…

If you feel like your mind is in control of you, rather than you being in control of it,

And, if things like meditation, or any activity when you have to get a bit of ‘shush’ in your mind, is near impossible… you’ve got a case of Monkey Mind!

But don’t worry, you’re in the right place. This site is entirely dedicated to helping you tame the monkey in your mind, so that EVERY area of your life improves - using practical strategies that don’t cost a thing, don’t rely on medication, special skills or special tools and can be done anywhere, any time.

So, welcome! Why not take a look around – the section, Strategies For Happiness might be a good start… :)