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The Power Of Perspective In Beating Depression
January 11, 2011

There are flash flood warnings for the city of Brisbane where I live and worringly, my lovely river-side suburb in particular, is tipped to be one of those affected most by the rising river waters and excess releases from our state dam (the contents of which is equal to the volume of water in Sydney Harbour).


There’s nothing like a critical situation to give you the blessing of perspective. What is really important suddenly becomes crystal clear. Food. Clean water. Supplies. And – where’s the cat!?

As I write this from the 29th floor of my office building in the city, I can see the rain clouds slowly enveloping the buildings around me in an ominous fog of grey and white. Buildings four streets away that were visible half an hour ago have now disappeared into the mist and the rain is clearly asserting its resolve to set in. It’s not heavy – just persistent – and droplets urged on by gravity, are racing down the windows. I’m really hoping the predictions don’t come fruition – I don’t know where my cat is.!

Like me, you probably choose not to subscribe to a fear-factory mentality. After all, quite often, the worst-case scenario never happens and you’ve stressed yourself unnecessarily. Sometimes though, as the old adage says – it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

It’s amazing how efficient you become when the important things in life are at risk. Safety, sustenance and those things/people precious to you become your sole focus. There’s no longer any room in your mind for thoughts that do not align with your immediate needs. It’s a real lesson in how much of our mental space is consumed with flabby, inconsequential matters that ultimately are at the detriment of our happiness.

Receiving a sharp shift in focus was how my own depression was ‘cured’ and today’s flood warnings have been a reminder that most of the thoughts we have don’t matter. Only the important things in life do.

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