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Spring Clean Your Psyche
February 4, 2011

They say that a change is as good as a holiday – but in my opinion, nothing can lift your mood like, (as my mother would say) ‘a damn good clear out’. (Usually uttered when she’d take a peek into any of my cupboards).

Cleaning As Therapy 

It’s sort of counterintuitive really, because when you feel down in the dumps, the last thing you want to do is clean, but actually, nothing can make you feel so energized as a ruthless cull of all the crap that you’ve spent hundreds and even thousand on while in the clutches of a consumerist frenzy. 

Spring Clean Maid

As my friend used to say, even just cleaning one drawer out when you’re feeling blue can have a dramatic effect on your mood – try it! Or better yet, do what I’m doing tomorrow and have a garage sale!

Make Money & Clear Clutter In One Hit! 

Now, before you start on about how the only people that come to garage sales are hard-nosed, tight-fisted, cardigan-wearing psychos, I’ll have you know I made $1,500 at my last garage sale and as far as I was concerned, I wasn’t even selling anything all that special.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m hoping to top my previous record with $2,000 as the target. I’m even providing complimentary bucks fizz as a courtesy for my garage sale guests (and yes, it may be a cheeky ploy to get their wallets opened a little more readily, but hey, you can’t blame me for trying!) :)

 garage sale

We all need a spring clean of our environment and possessions every so often – even once every 6 months is really energizing. You’ll be surprised how much stuff you have you don’t use and could get decent money for. What’s more, you’ll increase the space, brightness and cleanliness of your house.

Most importantly, you’ll feel ‘lighter’ energetically which has a MAJOR impact on your positivity levels. So, if you’re feeling ‘weighed down’ by the ‘stuff’ in your life, like all those niggling little things on your to do list – go choose one drawer in your kitchen or bedroom and get it in order.

Spring Clean Your Psyche With These Tips 

Other great ways to use cleaning as a way to feel happier and gain clarity:

 retro housewife

  • If you come home from work and are feeling ‘ho-hum’ about watching something crappy on TV, put some good music on and straighten out the mess underneath your bathroom sink (that’s always a disaster zone in my house) – and remember to recycle those near empty plastic cosmetic and shampoo bottles!
  • If you’ve just had an argument with someone – rather than stew on it, focus instead on cleaning out your fridge of old food, including the 3 day old pizza you keep picking the topping off, the mysterious and smelly thing wrapped in deli paper, AND the bottles with 1cm of solidfied condiment left in them.
  • Feel like something’s ‘not quite right’ and can’t put your finger on it? Organise your pantry. 
  • Feel really ‘weighed down’ and stressed? Call your girlfriends/boyfriends and tell them you’re having bubbles/beer and an impromptu sale at your house. Then do a huge cull of your wardrobe/CD’s/DVD’s/etc and either sell at low low prices or give away what you don’t need. Whatever is left over can be donated to charity. Go on – do a good deed –  it’s an instant mood boost.  :)
  • Bored at work and the candy machine is calling? Organise your wallet or handbag and throw out all those receipts/loyalty cards that aren’t needed! If you still haven’t revisited the car wash you’re four stamps off receiving a free wax from, get real and chuck it!

HOT TIP – if you’re like me and prefer to ‘do more with less’, check out this article on how to clean your house in 19 minutes from CNN – awesome!

Wish me luck at my garage sale tomorrow…..I’m flexing my negotiating muscles as we speak.

white daisies blue sky

p.s – next week I’m focusing on the topic of ‘balance’ – how to get more out of life by creating balance, how to bring your own personal power back into balance and more! Also, look out for a special guest post written by a fab new friend of mine who’s full of wisdom. Until then – have an unforgettable weekend!

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