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Fun Ways To Tap Into Your Inner Child
November 11, 2010

Many people miss the creative expression they enjoyed as a child – and it’s not surprising – when was the last time you did something that recharged your creative batteries? Even if you’re not a Picasso or creative genius, you’ll still benefit massively from a ‘creative break’ every now and then.

As kids, we were encouraged to be creative, often daily – be it at school with craft projects or at home when our parents gave us pencils and a colouring in book to keep us busy. Do you remember how much fun you used to have finger painting or making mini cheeseburgers out of playdoh?

get in touch with your inner child
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It’s so important to experience the carefree perspective of a child every now and then as a break from our serious, ‘rule driven’ adult mind. What’s more, it’s easy to do  – you just need to think of ways you can tap back into your inner child and let it play without boundaries, so that creative expression is a regular part of your daily life.

Have An Afternoon Where Your Inner Child Gets To Do Whatever It Wants

You might buy some crayons and have an hour doodling on a Saturday afternoon while listening to your favourite music, make some of those cupcakes with cartoon character rice paper decorations on, go into a two dollar store and buy some toy dinosaurs or whatever takes your fancy, (you could arrange them on your desk at home – or as I did recently, get some tiny toy soldiers for your desk at work.) If your inner child likes stickers, buy some and put them on your dashboard or stick one or on a work colleague’s keyboard.

Play Without Purpose

Tap Into Your Inner Child

Creative Commons License photo credit: Vivian Chen [陳培雯]

Have you noticed how kids can have FUN and play, without putting limits on their expression, or the output of their playtime? As adults, we often feel that our time spent making or creating something, has to be within the boundaries of what we deem will be ‘useful’, make money or have a reason for ‘being’. We put ‘rules’ around what should be ‘play’ time.

Kids don’t think like that and they’re a whole lot happier for it. I’m not saying your whole LIFE should be like that, but certainly an hour or two a week (or, ideally, a day) will bring you a huge sense of freedom and satisfaction.

Stuck for ideas? Have you ever thought about:

Photography? Cooking? Quilting? Gardening? (planning a garden layout is very creative), Scrapbooking, Painting? (watercolour/oils), Pottery? Wood carving? Knitting/Crochet? Designing Clothes? Sewing Clothes? Mosaics? Candlemaking? Jewellery making? Collage?

How can you incorporate some more creativity into your life today?

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