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A Recipe For A Balanced Life – Part 2
February 18, 2011
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about a comment my friend Tash made in the second installment of my interview with her (which you’ll read today). The quote was: “The easiest way you can tell yourself what you’re worth is by what you say yes to. The easiest way you can tell your body […]
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A Recipe For A Balanced Life – Part 1
February 14, 2011
I’ve recently been deriving a lot of inspiration from the blog of a friend I’ve known since I was about 13. We see each other about once a year or so (she lives in L.A now) and every time we meet, it’s like no time has passed at all and we’re suddenly transported back to the […]
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Get Motivated & Stress Less
February 10, 2011
Is Inertia Stressing You Out? A lot of stress is created in our lives when we know we should change something – be it an attitude, habit or situation – but rather than address it, we dilly dally, perfecting procrastination into an art form. You only need to look around the now deserted gyms, that […]
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A 4 Step Process To Claim Your Personal Power
February 7, 2011
Today’s post is a special gift from raw food chef, ‘goddess momma’ and inspiring conscious creator – Darlene Navarre. Darlene runs a raw food website full of free recipes and inspriation for those looking to explore a ‘raw’ lifestyle. (If you’ve never heard of ‘raw food’ I highly suggest you take a look). Anyway, today Darlene […]
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Spring Clean Your Psyche
February 4, 2011
They say that a change is as good as a holiday – but in my opinion, nothing can lift your mood like, (as my mother would say) ‘a damn good clear out’. (Usually uttered when she’d take a peek into any of my cupboards). Cleaning As Therapy  It’s sort of counterintuitive really, because when you […]
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Life Lessons Of Cyclone Yasi
February 2, 2011
“Get out now. Don’t bother to pack your bags. Just gather your family and leave”. - Queensland Premier Anna Bligh to residents in low-lying parts of north Queensland  at 12.39pm today. If last month’s flooding wasn’t enough to test the Queensland spirit, our fellow statesmen and women up north are now battening down the hatches, as the […]