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Who’s To Blame? Boral? Gold Coast City Council? The Koalas? Or YOU?
December 21, 2010
Q. A construction materials manufacturer is currently planning to develop lush natural, Gold Coast bushland into a quarry. They say that the resident koalas and wildlife will be better off with a quarry established. Regardless of whether or not you think the corporate giant is talking out of its backside, answer this: Who’s to blame […]
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Easy Meditation For (VERY) Busy People
December 14, 2010
For some people, the prospect of sitting down to meditate is about as inspiring as attacking a mountain of housework, scheduling that dental check or choosing salad for dinner over tacos… you know you should and you know it’s good for you, but when it comes time to get stuck in, any other option suddenly seem so much more attractive. Personally, […]
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What To Do When The Going Gets Tough…
December 9, 2010
A serendipitous email hit my inbox this morning, on the topic of ‘hanging in there’. It was actually an email newsletter for entrepreneurs and the main article was impressing the point that if you’re not doing something you absolutely LOVE (either in business or in life), it’s almost impossible to get through the tough times that will inevitably […]
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Change Your Thinking – Review
December 7, 2010
Change Your Thinking By Sarah Edelman There’s not a single person reading this that hasn’t at some point or other struggled to deal with negative thoughts and/or emotions – sometimes we handle challenging situations well and at other times, they knock us for six. (Hello?! We’re human, right?) Coping with negative thoughts/feelings is totally normal and some people just seem naturally […]